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The 2022-2025 Strategic Plan of the American Alliance of Museums

Credit: American Alliance of Museum

In order to be able to manage one’s work in the best possible way, it is essential to equip oneself with good tools that can show the way forward, without forgetting the context in which one moves.

With this in mind, The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) released its strategic plan that will guide the entire organisation over the next four years.

“Our vision is a just and sustainable world, informed and enriched by thriving museums that contribute to the resilience and equity of their communities.”

American Alliance of Museums

The AAM is the only organisation in the United States that can represent the entire museum industry – from art and history museums to science centres and zoos – supporting them in their activities since 1906, providing industry professionals with the resources, knowledge, inspiration and connections they need to improve the creative and cultural field.

The new strategic framework launched for the four-year period 2022-25 is an interesting tool for several reasons: the document is meant to be a point of inspiration for all leaders of the creative and cultural sector at any level, with the aim of building a stronger and more sustainable sector in the face of a recent past unique in its level of criticality.

The strategic plan was born at the end of a year of elaboration: the board of the association was responsible for the creation and collection of online and offline information, supported by the contributions of individual members, through the creation of surveys and numerous working groups that included both internal and external stakeholders.

For the next four years, the AAM through its strategic plan has set itself the goal of:

  • Celebrating, strengthening and connecting the community of museum professionals in all its diversity;
  • Support museum professionals in learning from each other, in crisis management and in rebuilding strong, relevant and sustainable institutions;
  • To be a leader in the museum sector in supporting museums as essential infrastructures in community building, becoming more equitable, inclusive and impactful on institutional partners and communities;
  • Critically examine AAM’s programmes and operations to ensure that the association always challenges its values.

Available in PDF format – it consists of four priority areas, divided into ‘Social & Community Impact’, ‘DEAI (Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion) and Anti-racism’, ‘The Museum Community’ and ‘The Way We Work’, outlining the strategies adopted to achieve them.

To learn more about the American Alliance of Museums 2022-2025 Strategic Framework, click here.

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