The Salon of CSR and Social Innovation 2023: activating cultural capital for integrated sustainability

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From Oct. 4 to 6, the 11th edition of the CSR and Social Innovation Show was held at Bocconi University in Milan, which has been a must-attend event for those who care about sustainability since 2013. The Salon is a key opportunity to get up to speed, establish new networks and engage with other professionals and organizations working in a variety of fields. In fact, not only do we talk about how to activate cultural capital for integrated sustainability, but we can meet experts in the fields of communication, energy, finance, and digitization.

We were there, and we particularly appreciated the choice of theme for this edition: Inhabiting Change. We fully agree with the principle, stated in the program presentation, that it is “necessary to build a new compass of values, believe in innovation, and value the role everyone plays in sustainable development.”

The theme of sustainability is articulated in different meanings as an ever-evolving process, a shared path born of collaboration among various social actors whose actions and choices converge to incrementally but decisively support and incentivize a necessary change in lifestyles and management.

Culture and Sustainability at the Salon

We found the speeches by Giuliana Cirio, Director General of Confindustria Cuneo, and Francesca Bazoli, President of Fondazione Brescia Musei, who spoke during the meeting “Corporate Cultural Responsibility: businesses for culture,” particularly interesting. Cirio stressed the interest of companies, which recognize the absolute value in investing in culture, but express more attention to product and market issues. Hence the need on Confindustria’s part to raise awareness even among smaller companies, inviting them to visit business museums, art fairs and institutions with the aim of bringing them closer to the world of culture. Francesca Bazoli, on the other hand, explained the key to the success of Fondazione Brescia Musei, which has established “Alliance for Culture,” a collection of funding animated by a common project in which all city forces, including businesses, multinationals, chambers of commerce and universities join forces to revitalize heritage.

In addition, we appreciated the talk by Stefano Zamagni, an economist and professor at the University of Bologna, who spoke about sustainability in its three main declinations, namely environmental, social and economic. However, a fundamental problem has been highlighted that has given rise to a “policy trilemma”: the nonexistence of a model that allows the three characteristics to be considered simultaneously.

The community and businesses must develop adaptation policies, which can act on lifestyles and the way production activities are organized, to achieve a successful sustainable transition

Stefano Zamagni

If you were unable to attend the CSR and Social Innovation Fair and are interested in the topics covered, you can find all the videos of the conferences at the link.

If you want to stay up-to-date not only during the days of the fair, each year the organization offers a calendar of very interesting events structured as a Tour of Italy of Sustainability, a series of seminars in various cities, and a cycle of annual publications, the Quaderni del Salone, which collect contributions from the protagonists of the various editions, reflections from the lecturers of the Scientific Committee and experts in the field.

To find out how you can activate cultural capital by making it an active part of the process of sustainable conversion of the production and social system of communities through our help, you can write to us at

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