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Working alongside the Municipality of Mirano on the strategic plan and drafting the dossier for the PNRR call “enhancing the identity of places; historic parks and gardens”

Credit: Paolo Bonavoglia

The firm had the pleasure of assisting the municipality of Mirano (VE) in the drafting of the strategic plan and application file to access the funding plan under Investment 2.3: “Programs to enhance the identity of places: historic parks and gardens” PNRR Notice.

In particular, we drew up the entire cultural planning of the project for the redevelopment, regeneration and enhancement of the historic green area of the city’s Villa Belvedere Park and Villa Morosini XXV Aprile , which, together with the sections devoted to naturalistic, botanical, plant engineering and accessibility aspects, composed the proposal sent to the Ministry.

The PNRR Call for Investment 2.3 aims to regenerate and rehabilitate Italy’s historic parks and gardens, acting not only on the mitigation of conditions of degradation or lack of maintenance, but above all by promoting an approach to planning that, by enhancing and highlighting their cultural and social relevance- including through business development and tourism design formulas, ensures their economic sustainability.

In fact, as can be read in thepublic notice, the initiative aims to strengthen the identity of places, improve the landscape quality, quality of life and psychophysical well-being of citizens (an issue close to the firm’s heart).

Together with the Municipality of Mirano, the firm was responsible for planning and programming the cultural project for Villa Belvedere Park, formed by the union of Villa Belvedere and Villa Giustinian Morosini XXV Aprile.

The coaching and consulting for the strategic plan

With the firm’s coaching and advice, a strategic program was outlined of:

  • Community engagement;
  • Co-design with the local community;
  • Improved physical/psycho-cognitive accessibility;
  • Strategic communication actions;
  • Fundraising plan and partnerships;
  • Ten-year management plan.

Strategic planning under the project, if selected, will start in the second half of 2022 and continue until December 2024.

We had also talked about this investment and other PNRR calls and opportunities in our last report “The PNRR for Culture. Calls, resources and opportunities” shared with our community through the in.tempo newsletter (if you are not yet subscribed* you can do so here).

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