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“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.”


The development of a strategic consulting project is a particularly delicate yet incredibly stimulating moment: at this point, the set objectives must find operational interpretation through the definition of specific action plans.

In this crucial step, innovation can be fully expressed: new management and operational tools are identified to introduce, or existing processes are transformed with a view to greater effectiveness.

From defining objectives, the process moves on to the actual activation of processes and the allocation of resources necessary to achieve them. This is a form of advanced planning that delves into the set goals, analyzing their components to develop more detailed plans. Here, skills in:

  • Business Planning involves identifying growth opportunities in relation to the organization’s priority objectives, with attention to profitability and the definition of a sustainable portfolio of activities.
  • Institutional Planning: once the objectives of institutional positioning and the stakeholder system are identified, appropriate actions are defined to enhance and improve the organization’s profile in relation to its internal and external references.
  • Cultural Planning: the organization’s objectives regarding its role within the community are considered, with particular reference to the effective enhancement of heritage from a perspective of sustainable growth.

These different perspectives find unity and coherence in their mutual influence: considering how interconnected and interdependent they are, it becomes possible to arrive at the definition of a ‘Master Plan’, in which all individually analyzed aspects can converge.

In addition to advanced planning, specific management tools are introduced in this phase to coordinate the activities identified in the planning process, if necessary.

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