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Strategic consulting. And more.

Our consulting activities are created to make sure that each organization can understand what makes it desirable, but also what makes it fragile, to help it perform at its best and achieve its goals. It may be a matter of reshaping an existing strategy, or of starting again by identifying clearer and more ambitious goals.

For some organizations it may be vital to identify tools for getting to know and manage themselves better, while others may need to figure out how to engage new partners or to enrich their institutional profile.

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“What makes us desirable is not something we do, but something that, without knowing it, we have inside us.”


Whichever the case, our goal is to support organizations working with Culture to grow organically and sustainably. For us, this means having a holistic approach to change, in which the institutional set-up promotes socially and culturally meaningful goals through the adoption of organizational practices and management tools geared toward efficiency and effectiveness.

Our clients

Integrated strategic consulting for all types of organizations

Consulting Nonprofit Organizations


Public and private nonprofit cultural organizations (museums, galleries, collections libraries, archives, historical and nature sites) eager to grow around their main asset – the tangible and intangible heritage they preserve

Consulting Profit Organizations


For-profit organizations and businesses interested in finding new growth opportunities interaction and operating with their or others’ cultural heritage

Consulting Public Sector Public Organizations


Administrations or entities owning or responsible for managing cultural heritage interested in improving their governance conditions and operational results

What we can do for you

Integrated consulting for each area of focus


Every organization, in order to improve, must learn to know itself and its environment well. For this we take care to study the industry in which it operates, its competitors, the status of its current performance, and its internal organizational and management conditions.

All this to know where to start to improve and grow.


Planning the activities to be accomplished and the tools to be used is crucial to achieving the goals an organization chooses to give itself. The end and the means go hand in hand in the growth of a sustainable organization.

We know how to come alongside you at the crucial time of setting goals and the tools to be used.


Taking action, promoting improvements and changes in activities, processes and tools, is a delicate moment that must be attended to in every detail.

We are ready to follow every stage of the implementation of the organization’s strategy, so that nothing is left to chance.


In order to grow, it is often necessary to change – and to find the means to afford that change.

Every fundraising strategy starts from the implementation of consolidated networks of partners and from the design of a shared value proposal.

Our consulting services are designed with respect and attention to the specifics necessities of economic and cultural sustainability of your organization.


Organizations are not islands: they are complex realities in which many actors, internal and external, participate in its processes and are interested in its outcomes.

Our consulting services support you in implementing evaluation methods and performance communication tools that can speak to diverse audiences.


Knowing how to describe oneself and being able to tell one’s story in the most effective way is now a prerequisite for being relevant.

Our consulting services can support you in producing the content best suited to your institutional profile and developing the most effective communication plans to reach your desired audiences.