Designing the Candidacy for Venetian City of Culture 2023

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Cliente: Municipality of Soave (VR)
Quando: 2023


The municipality of Soave, which has already been elected Italy's most beautiful village 2022, has decided to launch a development programme for its economic system centred on the cultural and tourist enhancement of its tangible (first and foremost the city walls and the castle) and intangible (the hills of Soave, together with the Assisi-Spoleto olive grove, represent the only two Italian GIAHS - World Important Agricultural Heritage Sites - nominated by the FAO) heritage. Among the initiatives falling within this line of growth is the decision to become a candidate for Venetian City of Culture 2023.

Cultural objectives:

  • obtaining public funds from a regional call for tenders dedicated to culture
  • expansion of the city's cultural offer towards the local community and domestic and international tourists
  • definition of a cultural offer programme of temporary (events and exhibitions) and permanent proposals on an annual basis integrated by type of offer and target audience
  • development of permanent cultural intervention projects in the urban area also in partnership with third parties

Tourism objectives

  • increased attractiveness of Soave's cultural-tourist offer towards domestic and international visitors, with particular reference to cultural fruition opportunities
  • strategic repositioning of Soave's tourist offer as a cultural driver
  • involvement of local stakeholders and the supply chain
  • deseasonalisation of flows


Museum Strategy Consultancy supported the municipality in a process of co-design and drafting the application for the Call for Proposals, which included

  • analysis of the presence of the technical requirements for participation in the Call for Proposals
  • identification of the specific needs for participation in the call for tenders
  • structuring a dedicated working team with members from inside and outside the municipality working in synergy
  • co-planning of the cultural programme integrating already planned activities and events with newly realised events
  • stakeholder engagement of those implementing the activities included in the programme
  • definition and construction of the project budget
  • project writing and drafting of official project documentation
Servizi: Analisi, Bandi pubblici, Consulenza per le PA, Fundraising, Marketing Territoriale, Stakeholder engagement, Sviluppo