Designing the Call for Proposals for PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) – Culture, Historic Parks, and Gardens

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Cliente: Municipality of Mirano (VE)
Quando: 2022


The municipality of Mirano (VE) is located between Venice and Padua, in an area of great historical value and cultural tourist attraction. One of the most relevant architectural emergencies in its territory and an example of one of the most relevant and best-preserved historical-romantic parks in northern Italy is the Villa Belvedere Park, which includes the Belvedere and Morosini Villas and a neo-Gothic style small castle surrounded by a small lake and surmounted by some artificial caves.

In order to meet the needs for extraordinary maintenance and renewed cultural programming of the park, the municipality decided to submit an application for non-repayable funding under Measure 2.3 'Programmes to enhance the identity of places: historic parks and gardens' funded by the European Union - Next Generation EU.


Museum Strategy Consultancy supported the municipality in a co-design process that included

  • analysis of the presence of the technical requirements for participation in the Call for Proposals
  • identification of the specific needs for participation in the Call for Proposals
  • structuring a dedicated work team with components from inside and outside the municipality working in synergy
  • stakeholder engagement of those implementing the activities included in the programme
  • planning of material interventions, aimed at guaranteeing conditions of physical and cognitive accessibility to all categories of citizenship
  • co-planning of an integrated programme of activities aimed at enhancing the naturalistic-landscape and historical-cultural components of the park and of the architectural annexes with the objectives of identity upgrading towards the city community and of tourist promotion towards specific target audiences (development of a multi-year plan of events, meetings, initiatives to be held in the park and outside the park spaces; definition of collaboration and partnership agreements for joint initiatives with other owners of historical parks and gardens that are culturally related and/or complementary to the Park; development of related material and tools)
  • planning and co-ordination of the cultural and tourist enhancement activities envisaged by the Project in case of funding assignment, consequent planning activities
  • definition and construction of the project budget
  • project writing and drafting of the official project documentation
Servizi: Analisi, Bandi pubblici, Consulenza per le PA, Marketing culturale, Pianificazione, PNRR, Sviluppo