Designing Management Tools and Performance Indicators

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Cliente: Museo delle Scienze (MUSE)
Quando: 2018-2019


Over the past decades, cultural organisations, in Italy and elsewhere, have experienced a radical change in their socio-economic reference context and, at the same time, in the role assigned to them by their stakeholders.

The Museo delle Scienze MUSE of Trento, aware of the changes in the scenario of the sector and of the renewed need for internal management and transparency, has deemed it necessary to start a process of updating its operational, strategic and planning tools, which would be able to reflect the indications given at an international level on sustainable growth indicators.


Museum Strategy Consultancy supported MUSE in the following actions

  • integration of the indications coming from the UN plan "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) within the Social Report of the museum, with the aim of aligning to development standards that follow principles of social, economic, environmental sustainability
  • identification of a uniform infrastructure to monitor and verify the museum's non-routine activities (fixed-term projects), with the aim of monitoring and comparing them
  • implementation of a system of performance indicators to compare the different activities of the museum over time, for the purpose of analysing results and planning and coordination of competences and resources
Servizi: Agenda 2030, Analisi, Annual Report, Bilancio Sociale, Indicatori di Performance, Pianificazione, Rendicontazione, Sviluppo