Designing a Cultural and Touristic Enhancement Plan for MIRS – Interactive Museum of Historic Radio

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Cliente: MIRS - Museo Interattivo della Radio e della Società
Quando: 2023-ongoing


The MIRS - Interactive Museum of Radio and Society is a project, launched in 2019, envisages the completion and inauguration of a physical museum space in the building formerly housing the Pasiano di Pordenone Municipality, inserted within the local urban cultural network - and related exhibition itinerary - in which the narrative of the collections donated and loaned by private individuals and protected public heritage will be developed.

The Municipality of Pasiano di Pordenone, which is in charge of the project, expressed the need to position the new cultural institution within the cultural and tourist offer system, requesting the definition of a joint enhancement plan.


Museum Strategy Consultancy supported the Municipality in the construction of the MIRS Tourist and Cultural Enhancement Plan, which included

  • context and market analysis
  • structuring a dedicated working team with components from inside and outside the Municipality working in synergy
  • co-design of the cultural and tourism enhancement plan integrating actions and initiatives already initiated or previously identified by the Municipality with newly conceived and implemented interventions
  • stakeholder engagement of the area's cultural, tourism and economic sectors
  • definition of the institutional profile of the MIRS as a creative cultural container and cultural referent for operators in the area
  • creation of a network of public and private actors and stakeholders, aimed at strengthening the recognition of the institution and the consensus towards its role, at triggering the operativeness of the structure and at fostering its knowledge and territorial rooting
  • strengthening the profile of the MIRS in the regional cultural context, also through collaborations with other existing museums;
  • positioning the MIRS within the existing cultural offer of the Municipality (theatre with a programme managed by the Orto Teatro Ass., newly redeveloped urban park with historic mill, multi-purpose hall, located in the same area as the Museum and municipal schools) vis-à-vis the local community, with particular focus on the school and family targets, and visitors from neighbouring geographical areas
  • evaluation and definition of a network of contacts for collaboration, support and possible co-planning (stakeholder engagement) with local economic-industrial operators (with particular reference to the advanced manufacturing sector)
  • structuring the MIRS tourism offer
  • inclusion of the MIRS in local tourism promotion circuits
  • creation of partnerships and co-marketing activities with local businesses
  • devising special cross-sector co-planning activities in the cultural, social and educational spheres
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