Design and Implementation of the Digital Communication Plan

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Cliente: Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro
Quando: 2022 - ongoing


Following the implementation of a Stakeholder Engagement and Fundraising Plan for the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation, a project that started in 2020, it became necessary to support this activity with the elaboration and implementation of a digital communication plan aimed at enhancing brand awareness and brand reputation.


Museum Strategy Consultancy was responsible for the following communication activities:

  • Drafting a digital communication and storytelling strategy.
  • Social media management: definition of editorial plan, editorial calendar, copy writing, photo and video editing, community management for the Foundation's Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn channels.
  • Newsletter: defining the editorial plan, writing and editing content, sending and reporting
  • Specific communication strategy for educational projects
  • Coordination of influencer marketing campaigns
    Analysis and reporting of results
Servizi: Analisi, Comunicazione, Digital strategy, Social Media Management, Sviluppo