Design and Implementation of a Strategic Development Plan

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Cliente: Fondazione Luca
Quando: 2024-ongoing


The design and implementation of a strategic development plan for the cultural heritage owned by the Fondazione Luca, which includes:

  • Museo Hemingway e della Grande Guerra
  • Wildlife Museum
  • Villa (Gardens and Interiors)

has the objective of contributing to the synergistic optimization of the overall offering and enhancing each individual area of the offering. This aims to increase both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of local and tourist visitors. More broadly, it seeks to reposition the Foundation's offering within the local, national, and international cultural and tourism markets.


  • Enhancement and Optimization of the Overall Offering of Assets Managed by the Foundation (Museo Ernest Hemingway e della Grande Guerra, Wildlife Museum, Villa and Gardens)
  • Strengthening the Institutional Profile of the Cultural Heritage Managed by Fondazione Luca as a Cultural and Thematic Actor at National and International Levels through the Development of Cultural and Institutional Networks
  • Integration of the Cultural and Tourism Experience Offerings among the Heritage of Fondazione Luca, the Historic City Center, and the Surrounding Territory through the Design of Partnership and Co-marketing Initiatives Involving Selected Stakeholders and Key Economic Actors (Wineries, Hospitality)
  • Planning Fundraising Activities and Strengthening Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strengthening the Tourist Profile of the Foundation's Heritage as a Cultural Destination for Audiences Interested in Cultural and Slow Tourism
  • Enrichment of the Cultural Offerings Targeted at the Local Community, with Dedicated Targeting to Specific Segments (Families, Local Organized Groups, Schools, Companies)
  • Planning Strategic Communication Actions (Defining an Integrated Communication Strategy) Also in View of the Anniversary of the Opening of the Museo Hemingway e della Grande Guerra
Servizi: Analisi, Business Development, Cambiamento, Comunicazione, Fundraising, Marketing culturale, Pianificazione, Progettazione culturale, Social Media Management, Sponsorship, Stakeholder engagement, Sviluppo