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A mutual appreciation of one’s mission

«I’m very glad to have it, it turned out very well. Thanks for sending it»
Vincent Van Gogh a suo fratello Theo Van Gogh, Amsterdam, maggio 1878
Credit: Jelle Draper

DHL Express, the German logistics and transportation company, signed a three-year partnership with Van Gogh Museum in July 2020. As part of the new agreement, DHL will manage the entire shipping process and offset all transportation-related carbon emissions through its “GoGreen environmental protection” program to achieve zero emissions in 2050.

This corporate partnership has three win-win factors to support the values and mission of both parties:

  • Protection and Preservation: The support given by DHL express to the Van Gogh Museum allows the latter to create unique projects related to the preservation of Vincent Van Gogh’s artistic legacy to future generations, the founding cornerstone of the museum’s mission , and to espouse the values of those who support the institution;
  • Customization ofsustainablepackaging and DHL cargo bikes: As a partner of the museum, DHL takes charge of shipping products that can be purchased from the Van Gogh Shop. One of the supported campaigns, called “Van Gogh at Home,” aims to share the visitor experience at the museum with the people they love by relying on the logistics company’s service. Using sustainable packaging and reducingCO2 emissions embodies the principle of sustainability that the company seeks and the institution raises awareness of;
  • “Your Loving Vincent: Van Gogh’s Greatest Letters: letters have a special meaning for the museum institution and the logistics company. In its first ten years of operation – since 1969 – DHL express transported only documents and letters in special colored postal envelopes. Thanks to its contribution, to celebrate the heritage of letters exchanged between Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo, the Van Gogh Museum was able to create a temporary exhibition related to the artist’s exchange of letters, an important point in his artistic journey.
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