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“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”


Strategic fundraising? Donations, sponsorships, art bonuses, 5×1000, partnerships, crowdfunding: the relationship system between organizations and supporters has become increasingly complex, leaving room for great opportunities and a bit of confusion.

Pure fundraising has given way to hybrid forms, where the expectations of ‘those who help’ are directed towards the development of lasting collaborative relationships, which bring value and ensure effective measurability of results.

On one hand, the spread of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a dominant growth philosophy in for-profit companies has led to their growing interest in the third sector; on the other hand, the progressive increase in competition among non-profit organizations for access to valuable resources made available by companies has necessitated the definition of increasingly refined fundraising models and stakeholder engagement tools, focused on transparency, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Fundraising for Cultural Organizations

Today, non-profit organizations must be able to communicate in a language understandable to their potential supporters, ensuring collaboration formulas and partnerships that bring real and lasting added value, while also ensuring a high degree of transparency in reporting results according to the standards present in the for-profit sector.

Cultural Corporate Social Responsibility for For-Profits

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  Stakeholders and Donors Analysis
  Competitor Analysis
  Materiality Matrix
  Grant proposal writing
  Case for Support
  Fundraising and stakeholders engagement Custom Plans
  Development of fundraising campaign management tools
  Definition of individual and corporate membership plans

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