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“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after”


The ability to plan the timing and content of one’s communication effectively is a fundamental strategic lever for any organization. For those operating in the cultural sector, this skill should be part of the mandatory skill set.

Today, a high level of quality in communication is a prerequisite that the audience takes for granted: for this reason, organizations can no longer afford to disappoint it with amateurish or inconsistent approaches.

For us, communication is a means and not an end. We do not believe that communicating should happen ‘always and anyway’, but that quality, very often, is more effective than quantity. For this reason, we are convinced that an organization interested in conveying the value and relevance of its activities should be able to rely on a media and communication plan built with awareness.

Culture represents, at the same time, content and a communication tool: today, both tangible and intangible heritage need to be communicated in a finally effective and strategic manner by the organizations that manage them. Similarly, it can be the active tool for communicating the values, results, and identities of companies that decide to interact with Culture.

Strategic Communication and more.

The audience rewards those who know how to interact with the appropriate tools, methods, and timing, and organizations in the cultural and creative sectors are no exception: we can support you in defining a strategic communication and dissemination plan that is consistent with the organization’s objectives and, at the same time, is efficient in reaching the audience authentically.

Thinking that communication in the 21st century can be reduced to opening a few social channels or rebranding means losing sight of the real opportunities that come from establishing a consolidated relationship with one’s target audience.

For this reason, we believe that cultural organizations deserve support in communication activities that recognize their uniqueness, not limiting themselves to providing short-term solutions or even shorter impacts. We reject the strategic choice of the ‘event‘, recognizing its ability to engage briefly and superficially.

For us, working with an organization in promoting its identity and disseminating its initiatives must be part of a systemic strategic approach that takes into account available resources, priority objectives, and sector opportunities.

We don’t just want to satisfy the immediate desire for visibility; rather, we aim to propose a growth project that uses communication as a means of dissemination and not an end in itself.

We believe that cultural organizations, due to their nature as creators, custodians, and promoters of knowledge and creativity, are inclined to generate and make content accessible. We are ready to support them in building an effective and credible path in methodology and results.

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