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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”.


This phase represents the most critical and delicate moment, where the strategic plan drawn up and the tools and processes outlined to follow it finally come into use.

The initial enthusiasm for new ideas and proposals must make way for the rigor of implementation: it is the crucial moment where one cannot afford to lose concentration and be distracted by the daily routine, but must maintain focus day after day to carry forward the desired change.

In this phase, adaptability and organizational skills come into play: change processes, in fact, work only if they manage to combine careful planning and flexibility: because it is only when you have memorized a well-written score that you feel confident enough to improvise.

We can support organizations in turning a well-defined plan into a set of coordinated actions to achieve lasting results. We believe that ‘well’ is not the opposite of ‘quick’, and that efficiency in meeting deadlines should not come at the expense of effectiveness.

Changing the organization to support effective growth!

Similarly, however, we believe that change is a marathon in which efforts must be paced, and in which the end goal should never be lost sight of.

Supporting the organization in change processes means for us to make the process a shared choice and understood by all staff, involving them in every phase of the work!

To best support change, it is necessary to understand where doubts and uncertainties may arise, in order to facilitate an effective transition.

The strengthening of a shared organizational culture, in this sense, can represent a complementary action to support planned transformational efforts.

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