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“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.”


One of the most important, and often neglected, aspects of good management concerns the ability to analyze the internal and external conditions of the organization.

Analysis for better strategy and growth!

Even the most structured organizations often struggle to fully understand the nature of their own processes, the resources available to them, the context in which they operate, the actors with whom they interact, and those who influence them or against whom they compete.

A well-conceived and executed qualitative and quantitative analysis represents the starting point for building a project of growth and change that does not overturn the organization but respects its characteristics, understands its weaknesses, and leverages its potentials.

The process of constructing an integrated strategic analysis plan is not intuitive, but it must be based on the ability to identify.

  • What we look for!
    • the economic-financial, cultural, and institutional performance of an organization;
    • its competitive reference system;
    • the composition of stakeholders and their degree of influence on the organization;
    • the characteristics of the sector/market in which it operates;
    • potential areas of risk and opportunity;
  • which data to choose from, how to analyze them, and which tools to use to collect the data;
  • how to compare data over time and use them strategically;
  • how many indicators – qualitative and quantitative – to choose;
  • how to transform data into sources of competitive advantage.

For us, this process must reflect that of academic research, and it adheres to the same standards of rigor, precision, impartiality, and transferability as we work on analyzing values and conditions of growth and change.

What we offer

  Scenario and Sector Analysis
  Analysis of the Competitive Environment
  Feasibility and Performance Analysis 
  Materiality Matrix and Stakeholders Analysis 

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